Oakleaf Florist

Debby Gonzales, Oakleaf Florist

Debby Gonzales, Oakleaf Florist

Oakleaf Florist has been a mainstay florist shop in the NEC since 1992. Debby Gonzales, a driven businesswoman, left her career as a computer programmer to be her own boss.  For 23 years she has been providing all floral needs for the area—from prom corsages to Valentine’s Day roses, Debby has you covered.

How did you start your floral business after being in such a completely different field? My career in the floral industry began by always wanting to be my own boss. I saw an ad in the paper with two different businesses for sale. It was between owning a car wash or a flower shop. I love decorating for the holidays and special events, so a flower shop it was. All the doors kept opening, nothing closing. Now, here we are, many years later and I have established a thriving flower shop with long standing customers receiving constant referrals for the amazing work and customer service that we provide.

What about your business makes you most proud? I love that our products bring a smile to our customer’s faces. If they are sad our flowers and plants ease their pain and warm their heart. When they are celebrating a date or getting flowers just because they are being told how special they are. We are very proud to share in that.

What do you like best about being located in the NEC? We enjoy being located in an established community, and being in a central location for our customers.

What can a customer expect when they walk into your business? To be greeted with a warm smile and a warm hello. We actively work with our clients as to what they are looking for. Whether it is a small token of love or new beginnings that are being sent, we work hand in hand with you to make it extra special.

Inside Debby's shop.

Inside Debby’s shop.

What keeps customers coming back? Our attention to detail and the quality of our flowers.

Can you tell us a fun fact or something unusual that we wouldn’t know about your industry that an outsider wouldn’t know? Each flower has a name. A rose is not just a rose. They have names like Freedom, Cherry Love, Charlene, Sexy Red, Black Magic, Charlotte Classy, the list goes on and on! Also, the more fragrance a flower has means a shorter vase life. The more petals a flower has means a longer vase life.

Oakleaf Florist, 4185 Naco Perrin Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78217, (210) 653-8180. http://www.oakleafflorist.com/

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One Response to Oakleaf Florist

  1. Mike Calvin says:

    I really like these small business owners success stories. We are still the “shining city on the hill” and reward hard work!

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