Welcome to the Northeast Corridor (NEC) website. The purpose of this site is to promote the renewal of the Perrin Beitel – Nacogdoches commercial corridor by sharing information on the initiatives in place to encourage reinvestment. 

What is the Northeast Corridor?                            The Northeast Corridor (NEC) refers to the approximately four-mile stretch of Perrin Beitel and Nacogdoches Roads between NE Loop 410 and O’Conner Road in Northeast San Antonio. This includes Naco-Perrin Boulevard as well as sections of Thousand Oaks Drive and other side streets.

What is the NEC Improvement Partnership? The NEC Improvement Partnership is a multi-year undertaking to revitalize the commercial areas along the Perrin Beitel and Nacogdoches corridor. It is spearheaded by a steering committee of representatives from the San Antonio City Council, Department of Planning and Community Development, and local resident and business associations.

NEC Revitalization Plan                                                                                                           The NEC Revitalization Plan is a guiding document that articulates goals and strategies for the improvement of the Perrin Beitel and Nacogdoches Corridors. Its goals focus on building grass-roots support for the revitalization initiative, improving the natural and built landscape, marketing the area to potential investors, and developing a strong business community. The NEC Revitalization Plan incorporates the findings of a market study, overall assessment, and public input as the basis for its strategies to improve conditions in the corridor.

NEC Market Study                                                                                                                           A market study was completed by Wendell Davis & Associates to examine existing conditions in the NEC and identify future business development opportunities based on existing and expected market conditions.


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