Beautification Campaign

It’s a (Drought-Tolerant) Jungle Out There

It’s the two month mark in the NEC Landscape Beautificaiton Campaign and we’d like to recognize some of the businesses whose landscaping provides a refreshing touch of green in the San Antonio summer.  As these colorful displays demonstrate, staying green in the heat is possible with native and drought-resistant plants.

NEC Beautification Campaign

All businesses are invited to participate in the NEC Beautification Campaign! Two priorities of the NEC Revitalization Initiative are reintroducing native plants to the area and improving the appearance of parking lots. Why not be  a part of the Beautification Campaign and do both at once? Help revitalize the NEC by adding a little green to your business’s landscape.

Landscape improvements can be big or small. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of these examples from around the city.

You’ll see everything from trees to potted plants. Choosing native and drought-tolerant plant varieties will keep your maintenance and water usage costs low. You can find suggestions for these types of plants and their care here. Be creative! Send your “before” and “after” pictures to and we’ll post them on this site.


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